A Classic Chair Renovated With Chevron Chair Painted

Oct 14th

Chevron Chair – It is time to renovate the lounge chairs. It is very likely that you will not be willing to spend money on buying new chairs of modern design. Why are you going to pay an awful lot if you can give new air to old pieces with some cloth and paint?

Chevron Chair DIY
Chevron Chair DIY

To begin, remove the seat from the frame of the chair with care. Keep in mind that these steps you will have to repeat with all the chairs, so arm yourself with patience. Once the cushion is removed, put plastics under the chair because the paint could stain everything. The first step is to sand all the wood until it is free of impurities and glows glowing. Before painting in chevron chair theme, wipe the surface with a cloth.

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The next step is to spray with a special spray primer. One important trick: To prevent the bottom of the legs from sticking to the plastic, nail a hammer to the base of each leg and then fold it. After the layers indicated by the manufacturer and drying, it is advisable to give a new sanding to leave the chair smooth and free of imperfections. With the turquoise spray, apply several layers leaving adequate drying time between them.

It would be interesting that after the final drying, apply a coat of sealer, this way your chevron chair will stay flawless longer. Now, it’s time to line the cushions. You will need cloth, scissors and a professional stapler. If the original cushion has enough fill, do not hesitate to put the fabric on. If not, you will need to remove the old cloth and add a piece of foam.