Barn Doors Interior Design

Nov 25th

Barn doors interior is great and interesting, you can consider well to have very nice door decor, where it determines both indoor and outdoor look. Some of you already know what this type of door, are those that mimic American barns and farms. The most common use is for interior sliding door. Check out the post today and encourage giving a rustic touch to your home! I have seen countless possibilities for this type of doors, the most common sliding door with external sliding. Installation is relatively simple, as it requires performing work and just needing to install the rail and appropriate fittings. A traditional barn door is the famous door slats. This consists of vertical boards on the outside and horizontal boards (strips) on the reverse or inside. This pattern provides strength perpendicular to the door and helps minimize distortion. Two doors swinging in opposite directions and meet in the middle when closed is a common feature of the barns.

Home Modern Interior Barn Doors
Home Modern Interior Barn Doors

These barn doors interior is often used to separate areas (kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms …) and depending on the style we want to give our house can use more or less rustic doors with untreated wood, varnished or lacquered aged color. Not to mention those with a mischievous or two diagonally to precisely mimic the old barn doors.

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