Barrel Bench and Table

Jan 19th

A Barrel Bench traditionally really tough to beat when it comes to getting both a dry sauna. Sauna has been used by many cultures around the world. Use sweat lodges as part of a Native American healing and religious practice for thousands of years. Finnish people have also used the sauna for centuries to stay healthy and improve well-being. Finnish sauna immigrants brought their culture with them when they immigrated to North America.

Barrel Bench Testing
Barrel Bench Testing

Barrel Bench is very popular throughout the South and West coast of Lake Superior. Many houses are built with a sauna and even had a sauna built adjacent to the house. In the Upper Midwest, there are many designs of the traditional sauna. Most are made of white cedar and have wood-fired sauna stoves for heat. Either concrete or wood floors and designed to drain water away for a sauna. In recent years sauna barrel design has become very popular.

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Design Barrel Bench has a lot going for it. Sauna shape allows a person to stand in it has not had the room has a bench on each side. Not all sauna barrels round but basically have the same shape and utilities. Because they sit on some lull you do not have to deal with building the floor or foundation. Most have a sinkhole or bung at the bottom that easily allows all water and sweat flowing into the ground.