Beautiful Tiffany Floor Lamp

Oct 13th

Tiffany floor lamp will appear very nice in any room, it appears cute and feminine especially for girls room and even teen room. It is one of the most beautiful examples of the decorative arts of the century. This, of Turtleback series is tall and bronze base. The screen, as shown in detail above, is formed by tiles of opal glass connected by bars of lead. Louis Comfort Tiffany began his career as a painter. But when he traveled to Europe was influenced by medieval and ancient windows of stained glass. He began experimenting with the manufacture of glass and also with chemistry. In 1890, he created the Tiffany glass & Decorating Company and Tiffany Studios, and stained glass became highly sought after. You can create a tiffany floor lamp on your own and create your own work of abstract art that can last through the ages.

urban tiffany floor lamp
urban tiffany floor lamp

At the time when tiffany floor lamp emerged were destined for the upper classes. The truth is that its price was quite high, therefore could only be acquired by large fortunes. We have sold original Tiffany lamps millions obviously these are not for everyone. However, over time, there have been other models mimicking the classical, much more economic. So, today, you can buy such lamps for less than 100 Euros. Surely one of these will look very nice in your decor.

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