British Decor Plan Ideas

Nov 14th

British decor – In the area intermingled developed suburbs and old Victorian mansions with open landscape. In one of the most picturesque mansions have a family of six moved in. Shortly after moving in, however, the family realized that their lifestyle does not go in line with the building’s design and layout. The kitchen was dark, it was in the wrong part of the house, there was nowhere to eat in the kitchen and the dining area was too far from the kitchen. Moreover, none of the rooms overlooking the lovely garden at the back. The house was in desperate need of renovation to match the needs of the family and to their assistance took the family to the London-based architectural firm Gregory Phillips.

Wonderful British Decor
Wonderful British Decor

The main focus British decor was on the main floor where they wanted to get to the big open areas, if necessary could be divided into smaller shielded room. Therefore, all the doorways were taken away and were in full length while the majority of the walls removed and replaced by Japanese-inspired sliding glass doors. Where it was not possible to put sliding doors built screens of leather into the ceiling and walls, if necessary rolled out. The sliding doors are made of frosted glass and ordinary glass by turns to light would always be able to reach the rear of the housing.

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To get down to the ground floor British decor, there were two staircases. But in order to open up the ground floor plan became a man had to remove one of these. The step, which is also the entrance, was retained and the foot of this was converted into a large some would probably call it pumping hall that can be separated from the living room by a sliding door.