Build Teak Dresser with Drawers

Nov 17th

Teak dresser – With basic carpentry skills and the right tools, you will be able to build or replace your own boxes. These steps will be helpful if you are remodeling your house, fix a broken box or build your own cabinet. You can make your own custom kitchen cabinets at a fraction of the cost of buying them, with the addition of a personal, creative accent piece for the bedroom.

Teak Dresser with Drawers
Teak Dresser with Drawers

Teak dresser, measure the width and depth of the box. When measurements, consider drawer slides. There is a wide range of drawer slides in the market, so you may want to purchase and install the glasses in your cupboard before you build the boxes. Cut the sides, front and back of the boxes from the timber. Use the measurements from step one to measure out and cut your two sides, front and back of the box. First, cut the timber to the desired height of your drawer. Next, cut the length to ensure that all four sides will be uniform in height.

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Build teak dresser, seam joints to make a robust fit to box corners. Next, check your router and set the depth of about three quarters of the width of your wood. Then run the router along the left side and the right side of both face piece and your back cover.