Caring for Boxwood Wreath

Nov 21st

There are some important parts you should think carefully when you want to have best decoration, creatively you can make by yourself beautiful boxwood wreath.Boxwood has small evergreen oval serving as a material for wreaths. Generally it is sturdy enough to last the season of festivities without drying outside, but if you keep it indoors have problems to keep it fresh. There are several techniques that will help you keep fresh boxwood wreath throughout the month of December and everything starts to cut the branches.

Boxwood Wreath Large
Boxwood Wreath Large


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  1. Boxwood wreath keeps in a cool place to maintain freshness.
  2. Try boxwood wreath with fire retardant spray. This will keep combustible somehow, if they dry out and come in contact with heat. Make an aerosol combining 4 tablespoons of Doric acid and borax 8 tablespoons 2 quarts  of water or mix 5 tablespoons of borax and 4 tablespoons of Epsom salts in 2 quarts of water. Pour into a spray bottle and sprinkle it over the crowns.
  3. Try the crowns on the outside with a preservative spray plastic or lacquer. This spray will leave them very sticky, so you should only use it in the crowns abroad.
  4. Remove ribbons and ornaments and wreaths soaked with water, if you keep untreated or start to dry. Drizzle with plain water if you soak them is not an option or under the corona wire is not, but Styrofoam or straw.
  5. Replaces the branches are dry and brown, if you bogies available.