Closet Wood Shoe Rack

Nov 30th

Wood shoe rack is probably the simplest finish. In how to increase the value of closet with wooden shoe rack, we have a few steps to follow as guidelines. Surely many of you lack space for shoes and always keep well ordered. Step by step to build a closet wood shoe rack:

Wood shoe rack image
Wood shoe rack image
  1. Cut the pieces of the cabinet to the extent we need. Then do a channel in the upper part and side to replace the back cover.
  2. Introducing the cuts on the parts of the cabinet as a template and drilled attachment points using a cordless drill fitted with a wood drill.
  3. To consolidate the union, we will use special screws to agglomerate insert in the binding sites with a hexagonal tip.
  4. Then we blind holes to place the brackets for shelves using wood drill bit
  5. On each side of the cabinet will get two supports per shelf, which will be at different heights so that it tilts.
  6. To avoid falling shoes, stick metal profiles on the shelves with an extra strong adhesive.
  7. Cup hinges put in position. This hardware consists of two main parts. Finally, place the wood shoe rack inside the cabinet.
  8. In this simple way, we will have built a practical closet wood shoe rack for up to 20 pairs of current zapatos.Un furniture line that will enable us to hand our shoes.

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