Easy Create Vanity Stools

Oct 17th

Make a vanity stools is a great project for a woodworker for first time. Decorative nature of stool vanity includes a padded seat and a skirt fringes ingot, thus eliminating any grinding or time-consuming finishing any wooden stool and sewing. By making stool as a boxlike structure, 18 cm high stool will be strong enough to sit and is simple to build.

Picture of Vanity Stools
Picture of Vanity Stools

Glue two pieces of plywood together at edges to form a right angle of vanity stools, supporting parts with a chair to hold them in place. Allow glue to dry for 1 hour. Libra penny nails every 2 inches with hammer to secure connection. Nail glue and remaining parts together in same way to form a box shape with a lid.

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Cut quilt batting in four pieces that measure 18 inches square. Layer batting squares at top of box, cut a piece of fabric measuring 22 square inches. Stretch fabric over batting and attach to the sides of the box with the staple gun, moving from the center of each side of the forehead towards the corners. Fold the corners perfectly and staple in place. Cut the strip ingot perimeter vanity stools. Place the upper band edge at the top of the stool with the hot glue gun.