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Nov 25th

The best room should have good style and theme, and you can consider to have gothic room with gothic furniture in it adding scary look in the room. The gothic era in Europe can be traced to the mid-twelfth century. However, it was the mid-sixteenth century gothic furniture that we know today became common. Domestic gothic furniture can be identified by key features of its construction and design that make them unique and highly sought after. All types of gothic furniture dark wood tones used to complement the black and gray color palette of the time. The oak was the most popular choice for the creation of household furniture in Britain because it is strong and durable. The walnut was mainly used in French furniture, while the ebony and rosewood imported and used in later designs.

Gothic Furniture Queens
Gothic Furniture Queens

Created during a dramatic period of history, the gothic furniture is considered visually the most impressive of any era. The air of grandeur of household objects comes from the influence of architecture on the carpenters, towering churches and cathedrals are present proof of the greatness of this period. The pointed arches are located on high chairs and libraries have replicas of the arches and columns found in cathedrals. The furniture in themselves are united with mortise and tenon as nails and glue not used during this period. The oak square pegs used to hold together the pieces of furniture can be found in the authentic Gothic pieces.

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