How to Install Outdoor Carpet on Stairs

Jan 11th

You need to select the best flooring option for your home including by having very good outdoor carpet with oriental rug, and even other rug or carpet style and feel. How to install outdoor carpet on stairs? Measure the width of the scale, using a tape measure. Also measure the riser and tread of each step in order to calibrate the length of the carpet. Add at least 3 inches. Place the rug up support. Transfer the results to the carpet with a straight edge and a marker. Making the carpet pattern parallel to the length of the ladder. Cut the carpet to size, using a ruler and a razor. Changing the blade razor as often as necessary to get a clean cut. Vacuum the dust and dirt on the stairs with a vacuum cleaner. Clean the surface of the steps with a damp cloth and dry steps.

Picture of Outdoor Carpet
Picture of Outdoor Carpet

Spread outdoor carpet adhesive in the first two or three steps, with an adhesive with a notched trowel. Align the edge of the carpet so it is square with the steps and starts pressing steps. Keeping your carpet as tight as possible as you go. Spread glue over the next two or three steps and continues on the carpet, keeping as close as possible. Smooth the carpet with a carpet roller. Continue this process until the carpet covers each step. Trim excess carpet at the edge of the step, using a razor blade and a ruler.

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