How to Install Remote Control Ceiling Fans

Oct 26th

How to install a wireless controller for ceiling fans. Remember the days when you had to get up the comfortable couch to change the channel on your TV? Or when was there to turn the volume dial on your stereo to raise or lower the volume? That was life before the remote control came on the scene and since then we have been using remote controls almost all aspects of our lives, to the point that we now have cars that can parallel park on their own. One of the applications that actually use your remote control capability for further advantage is the ceiling fan. And some transmitters even allow you to turn off the lights in your fan! You want maximum comfort with minimum effort? Here’s how to install remote control ceiling fans.

Install Remote Control Ceiling Fan
Install Remote Control Ceiling Fan

Decide if you buy remote control ceiling fans with a wireless transmitter built or individual kit that includes the transmitter and remote. I recommend buying a normal fan then buy the kit. The reason is that if the internal transmitter fails, you’ll have to buy a new fan in most cases. With the kit, just change the transmitter.

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