How to Organize the Bookshelf Decoratively

Nov 14th

Think carefully to have beautiful and interesting design of a bookshelf organizing system including with bookshelf made of wood or metal, and easily you can make it by yourself. You can have a library that looks attractive, even if it contains mainly bookshelf with following some instuction below you can make a good organizing.  A solid wall of vertical book is heavy and dull, but varying the orientation and location of your literature and adding a few items, you can have a library that is practical in storage and is an arrangement to decorate your room.

Modern Decorative Bookshelf
Modern Decorative Bookshelf


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  1. Remove everything from your shelves, and classify them into groups. Groups the great books, medium and small together. Separate books dark light. If you have a lot of one color, place them in a separate pile.
  2. They may be bookshelf in dark, light colors or a single color like gray. Five or six books selected average size in this color, and place upright on the left side of the upper platform.
  3. Select a different color bookshelf and distribute them evenly in large spaces that remain on the shelves, placing the greatest books on the lower shelves.
  4. Fill the remaining space with elements decorative and piles of three or four small books placed horizontally. These stacks can be used to hold the vertical upright books.
  5. Place small decorative objects on top of some of the piles of small books. Leave about 10 percent of the total area of empty shelves to the bookseller not look too crowded.