Ideas for Cafe Curtains

Nov 30th

The cafe curtains or curtains hanging stockings to the bottom of a window give some privacy to eye level and allow entry to daylight. Flirty look in kitchens and breakfast rooms. Department stores and discount stores sell variety of them already made, but some of the best are simply style it yourself.

Green cafe curtains
Green cafe curtains


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To look elegant, lace cloths used for your cafe curtains. Any canvas lace will be appropriate, but handmade lace look better. Search in antique malls and thrift stores of create an old tablecloth.

Napkins Tea

The decorative napkins tea (tea luxury kitchen) serves as canvases curtains. The napkins have finished the banks, so you will not have to sew. Usually in department stores have a good selection. Better yet, buy in stores or craft markets or online to get lovely handmade designs.

Strings of beads

To give a twist to your cafe curtains, you create them with long strings of beads. Give stained glass effect when the sun passes through the colored glass beads, or try transparent accounts for an ethereal sight. The wooden beads give an earthy and natural effect. Create your strings of beads buying from a distributor of jewelry, or disarm an old curtain across accounts.