Ideas for DIY Rattan Furniture

Jan 11th

Rattan furniture can be used inside or outside the home. DIY rattan furniture is easy to do and often cheaper than store-bought cane. The term rattan means the process of weaving. Material from plants or paper fiber can be woven into rattan furniture. It is also important to make sure that everything is safe when you have finished weaving. Weather elements can destroy vied, so you need to waterproof it.

Unique Rattan Furniture
Unique Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture is made of material that is bendable or flexible. Some materials that come from plants include wild ginger cord, seaweed braid, golden wheat / seaweed cord, flat rattan core, bamboo and willow. Rattan is used because it is very strong and durable, so your rattan furniture will last long. You can buy materials at craft or garden stores. You can also use paper fiber rush or paper rattan to make rattan furniture. It is a man-made material in the per-twisted coils.

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Rattan furniture made of plant material should not be exposed to constant heat from the sun, or it can become weak or brittle. Rain can also damage the braided material. One way to protect willow is by putting two or three layers of latex paint to each piece of rattan furniture, including under. Apply a coat of marine varnish when the paint is completely dry. It will improve the waterproofing of the paint. Heavy oil also works waterproof your rattan furniture. Use it twice a season for best results.