Ideas Organize Teak Buffet

Nov 19th

Teak buffet – The buffet has the advantage that it may invite a larger number of people who could sit at a table, although it is necessary to consider the available space of the house, because each person should have a comfortable place to sit , Place your plate and your glass. Should improvise ample space for everyone to move and move comfortably without having to overcome obstacles while carrying the plate in hand. Care should be taken to have several ashtrays and coasters distributed throughout the different areas of the house.

Unique Teak Buffet
Unique Teak Buffet

The essential equipment for teak buffet consists of a tablecloth for the main table and also for the accessory, napkins, a small dish and another large per diner, covered under the food to be served and enough glassware for all guests. Check if you have spare parts, since in case of an accident, very frequent in this type of meals, you must make use of them.

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The table teak buffet should be placed in a place accessible to all. The idea is to place it in the middle so that people can circulate freely around it, so that they do not interrupt the passage of another. Another way of presenting it is taped against the wall. If so, it should be circulated from left to right, so it is not advisable to repeat the trays with the same plate.