Installing Beautiful Granite Floor Tiles for Vinyl Flooring

Jan 6th

Beautiful granite – Vinyl flooring can be extremely difficult to remove if you are replacing with granite tiles. Fortunately, the ground itself can provide a finished tile substance. Vinyl flooring is a smooth and uniform surface, and small scratches or cuts on the floor will have little effect on the mortar used to place beautiful granite tiles. This means that the preparation time for the floor before installation of the beautiful granite tiles is minimized, saving time and effort in carrying out the installation.

Stylish Beautiful Granite
Stylish Beautiful Granite

Remove the trim soil surrounding the vinyl surface. Clean the floor surface thoroughly with a neutral floor cleaner pH. If the vinyl is installed on a wooden floor, install a fiber cement board to serve as a ground for granite tiles. If the vinyl was installed on concrete, proceed with the laying of beautiful granite tiles. Install a layer of fiber cement on top of the vinyl. Mark the center of the room. Place two rows of test beautiful granite tiles on the floor to determine the best arrangement of tiles. Use the chalk lines as a guide to put cross rows of tile.

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Spread a thin layer of soil application covering a section of 4 by 4 meters in the center of the room to serve as an adhesive for beautiful granite tiles. Use the flat side of a notched trowel to spread the mortar, and then go over the glue spread with the notched edge to raise a series of ridges. Place the tiles in the mortar spread tiles pressing firmly against the base floor and twisting slightly to smear the mortar on the back, using the chalk line as a guide. Cut the necessary partial tiles with a wet-diamond saw blade. Remove spacers and then grout joints between tiles. Apply grout sealer to the grout joints to protect from damage.