Instructions for Cat Condos

Nov 13th

Well, spoil your cat by providing it very good comfortable cat condos, provided in various design and materials to hang it in the ceiling or other object where your cat can sleep. Many cats enjoy lounging on high perches and huddling in corners. Making your own cat condos not only saves money, but also allows you to customize your creation to meet your needs and space limitations. Cut a large piece of wood that serve as the basis for your condominium. Make sure the wood is dense and heavy so it does not tip over when cats jump in and out of the structure. Cover the base with carpet glue high strength making sure to cover the sides of the timber for your cats does not engage your paws on wood chips. Cut thick and strong wood supply your legs to hold the beds, cots and hideouts.

Beauty Cat Condos For Large
Beauty Cat Condos For Large

The 2 x 4 beams do a great job for the legs. Keep your cat condos for less than 5 feet high to ensure that it remains strong. Nailed to a piece of sisal rope at the bottom of the legs and wrap tightly around the wood, making sure not to leave anything exposed wood. Cut the rope and nail it to the other end of the leg wrap after 12 to 24 inches tall. This creates multiple scratching surfaces for your cat to scratch and can discourage other unwanted areas. Paste the carpet on the scrap wood on the legs.

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