Led Desk Lamps Design

Nov 16th

LED desk lamps will be nice in your room, to be very good and fascinating styled with other parts in your room including having good accessories as well. When a magnet is moved near a conductor (in this case a coil) induces a voltage at its terminals. This is called electromagnetic induction. In the right image, we may trace a relay disarmed with a magnet on the end of the lever. As a ferromagnetic metal and is placed within the coil, the lever is by default stuck at this position. Continuously pressing the latter at its other end, important surges are created in the coil terminals. Then, a bridge rectifier to convert the alternating current into direct current, and 1000uF capacitor is used to smooth the power sent to bright led desk lamps.

Dimmable led desk lamps
Dimmable led desk lamps

This project consists of led desk lamps that turn audioritmicos according to music or voice captured by a small microphone. To build a spotlight, 10 LEDs, a circuit with an IC (integrated circuit) CD4017, LM358 amplifier and a power adapter needed. A desk lamp is a useful tool both for working with electronic or just reading you’re desktop. LEDs save lots of energy and together provide a more than acceptable lighting. For this project a power supply of 12V DC is used. Instead of adding a resistor in series to each led, the most efficient way to feed from the 12V DC is connecting in series in groups of three.

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