Make a Drapery Rods Cable

Nov 12th

Measure the height walls to hang drapery rods and mark the opposite walls where they should go hooks. Punch a hole in each marked for a hook point. Hits anchors (anchors or dowels) metal or plastic hammer to sink to secure the hooks firmly to the walls. Insert one end of the cable through a hook, close the hook and secure with cable clamp. If you are using coated wire to the rod with cable, you need to remove the plastic coating from the end before using the cable clamp. Use a utility knife or razor to cut wires to remove the coating and strip the wire on the end down to the metal.

Picture of Drapery Rods
Picture of Drapery Rods

Hold the tensioner on the opposite hook on the wall. Cut the cable with a cutter. Remove the locking hook, run the cable for drapery rods through one end and secures the cable with a cable clamp. Hold the tensioner to hook back into the wall and stretched until the cable is taut without gaps.

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Examine the hooks to see if they are strong low voltage cable. Cut the excess wire and slide the drapery or fabric panels on the drapery rods d cable. The plasticized cable allows the drapery glide smoothly.