Making a Homemade Wind Chimes

Nov 26th

You will love the look certain accessories for your home such as wind chimes, which will create beautiful musical sound when the wind is blowing up and move this item.┬áMobile or wind chimes are “musical” instruments hanging outside the house, creating soft melody percussion when the wind blows through them. These cute objects have a simple construction and come in a variety of materials. Wind chimes made of brass tubes are traditional details that give your space a nice touch sound by wind. Drill holes in the lid, ensuring that they are at the same distance. Connect the clapper right in the center using thread. Pulling the ends of each of the threads that are joined to the tubes through holes in the wooden cover, and around the hook connecting screw.

Wind Chimes Bamboo
Wind Chimes Bamboo

Collect four to eight tubes of brass for wind chimes. You’ll find them at hardware stores in different shapes and thicknesses. Ideally, you get about 1/8 inches thick. When you go to buy remembers: from thicker the more tenuous tube will sound. Try the ports by tapping gently against a wooden object, and do not forget the sound becomes deeper as the tube is lengthened. Choose tubes with a pleasant sound or see cutting them until you find the one you like. Manufactures a circular wooden lid and a “clapper” it hits the tubes. Make sure the diameter of the wood top is broad enough to accommodate all tubes hanging down.

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