Making a Magazine Rack Wall

Nov 20th

magazine rack will be needed very much as the item to organize your magazine collection neatly and properly in your room, to make it easy to store and to find. If you receive magazines every month or have a collection of favorite magazines,  make a magazine rack with following the steps below to store your magazine well. you probably noticed that they are all pleasant, stacked on a table or on a stand. When the magazines are stacked generally also damaged. The magazine rack is a great way to protect both as carefully archives your magazines.

Magazine Rack Wood Floor
Magazine Rack Wood Floor


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  1. Using the tape measure, measure and mark a piece of wood to the back which is 24 by 25 inches. Measure and mark a piece of 6 by 24 inches to the front. Measure and mark two pieces 3 by 6 inches.
  2. Use the saw to cut the wood to size of magazine rack. Carefully cut along the marked lines and measures. Every time you cut the pieces, be sure to label it.
  3. Parts lie. The large table is the back of the box that will be attached. It’s the back of the box; will hang on the wall.
  4. Use the wood glue and clamps to put the box together. Put glue drops wood thickness ½ inch where the pieces meet.
  5. Small nails used to fix a hammer and a hanger suspension, on the back 4½ inches from one side and ½ inch down from the top edge. The hangers are 16 inches away. Hang the magazine rack by inserting screws into the studs of the wall where you want to put it.
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