Making Cowhide Rug

Jan 13th

A cowhide rug can create a new look in your living room or office. Leather rugs can serve as a focal point in any room due to its aesthetic quality and luxurious texture. No two designs cowhide rugs are alike, so they are a popular piece of decoration. You can choose to build from scratch the carpet cow skin tanning yourself or you can buy different samples of cowhide from a reputable manufacturer.

Cowhide Rug Skins
Cowhide Rug Skins


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  1. Decide how big you want your carpet. If you use a single large piece of cowhide rug cut it according to predetermined dimensions of your carpet.
  2. If you use more than one type of cowhide rug, assembles the pieces of your carpet. If you are working with different types of cowhides, mark the pattern of your choice on one side of the skin and cut your pieces of carpet with a sharp scissors.
  3. Put the pieces together. Once you’re satisfied with the design, put the pieces upside down and put carpet tape along the surface to join them.
  4. Close cow skin over the back carpet. Cut the backing according to the pattern you have created and tape the skin on the surface. To make the carpet more durable, sewn edges, creating thread stitches using the same color as the cowhide.
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