Making Holes on a Desk Grommet

Oct 31st

The grommets are rubber inserts or plastic that is placed inside a hole to accommodate various cable components and computer power cords. This allows the cables to pass through the hole, keeping them organized. If you want to do hole in your desk grommet design ideas, you only need a few tools and some other items. The size of the washer will determine the size of the hole, as the drill, but should be at least 1 inch (2, 5 cm) diameter. This short holes always perfect.They come in sizes ranging from 3/8 to about 24 inches (0.95 to 60.9 cm).

Plastic Desk Grommet
Plastic Desk Grommet

Instructions of making holes on a desk grommet

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  1. Removes objects from the desktop to prevent dirty with dust.
  2. Insert a bit the same diameter as the plastic or rubber desk grommet of at least one inch (2, 5 cm) in diameter, in a drill. Then put on your eye protection along with a dust mask.
  3. Plug the hole to an electrical outlet, and keep it at an angle of 90 degrees against the desk grommet.
  4. Pulls the trigger and directs drill bit through the desktop. Once the drill has penetrated to the other side, remove and let cool.
  5. Sand the hole to smooth with sandpaper medium grain, removing splinters and matching of holes on a desk grommet.