Making No Sew Placemats

Nov 12th

During the holidays, you can entertain yourself by making a series of homemade placemats to give a personalized touch to any table. Mats do not require a sewing machine, or indeed any seam. You can create placemats without spending more money than the cost of the fabric.

Placemats Cloth
Placemats Cloth

Instructions of making placemats

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  1. Search the aisles of your local store crafts or fabric material and interlining for placemats; be sure to buy only those fabrics that can withstand ironing.
  2. Calculate the amount of fabric you will need. A tablecloth that measures 21 by 16 inches adequately covers a plate of food, napkins and silverware.
  3. Wash the fabric before working with her to make sure that none of the colors if liquids are spilled on the tablecloth.
  4. Cut the interlining an inch shorter than the area of ​​the tablecloth so that fits entirely within the web space.
  5. Set your iron to “wool”, allowed to reach the required temperature.
  6. Press and leaves the iron on interfacing for 10 seconds once you’ve reached the desired temperature. Lift the iron and place it back elsewhere.
  7. Let the cloth cool after ironing interfacing.
  8. Make straight cuts on the edge with scissors to fabric to make a decorative ribbon. Cut only from the outer edge to the top of the interlining to the Ribbon.