Measuring Granite Red Slabs

Oct 25th

Red slabs – Granite is a popular rock for construction projects. The forms of underground rock of volcanic magma cooling. The slow cooling gives time for the large mineral crystals that form in the rock. Granite contains quartz, feldspar and mica, and may also include small amounts of minor minerals rock giving a color and unique texture. You can use granite for countertops, tiles and bricks. Get a correct measurement of its granite red slabs will help determine the amount of rock is available for the project.

Red Slabs Style
Red Slabs Style

Place the end of the tape on the edge of the long side of the red slabs of granite. Stretch the tape to the opposite end of the red slabs, and read the value on the tape. Rate this length in your notebook. If the granite red slabs are uneven, you must measure various lengths through the rock to determine the shorter and longer areas. The shorter length could limit the amount of rock that can be used for the project.

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Measure the width and thickness of the red slabs of granite, using the same procedure used to determine the length. Write down all your measurements in a notebook. Calculate the area – length x width – and volume – length x width x height – granite red slabs to determine the amount of rock you have available to your project.