Organizing Closet for Small Design

Nov 18th

Your bedroom needs organizing closet to keep various important things there including clothes, shoes and other personal item to keep well for its maintenance as well. A small organizing closet can be more of a problem than a problem solver, if you do the best use of it. Some cabinets are so narrow that you cannot hang clothes on them without tilting to one side of the hangers.

Organizing Closet Photo
Organizing Closet Photo


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  1. Remove everything from the closet. Sort objects and make several piles, one for items that keep him, one of the things you plan to donate and other objects you want to discard.
  2. Install an organizing closet rod mounted pressure of 30 inches below the main rod if there is room in the closet or plan to use for hanging clothes.
  3. Lard hangs up clothes like dresses and shirts with buttons on hanger’s thin line. Use thin hangers will give you more space on the rod, as the common plastic hangers or wood can occupy one inch or more space.
  4. Hang jackets, pants and dresses in the upper rod and buttoned shirts and other shirts in the second rod.
  5. Place a rack in the closet for storing shoes, folded clothes clothing or bedding if not for hanging garments.
  6. Stack the shoes on the lower shelves of the bookcase. If you are organizing closet for linens, place the sheets of the guest bedroom on the upper shelves and you use regularly in the middle shelves.