Paving Options for the Garden

Jan 31st

Paving options – Trails, roads, walks, patios, decks … there are plenty of elements that can be incorporated into the design of your garden and outdoor areas, and all of them have something in common: they need to have the best paving system, which allows a comfortable and safe movement circumscribing good areas and, above all: that fit your budget.

Wonderful Paving Options
Wonderful Paving Options

Paving options material for the garden. There are two alternatives very common in regard to concrete use as a paving material for garden: First, Concrete modeling in situ: is the alternative most economical paving outdoors. Should be marked, digging and leveling the site, then place a formwork (fixed or not) that is filled with gravel and sand, then pour into molds or frames concrete mix more appropriate. The molds can be tailored, achieving figures, patterns and pieces of all kinds.

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Maintenance is simple, and is very versatile regarding its pigmentation, print finishing and textures.  And concrete pre Рshaped: it is an alternative paving options also economical and versatile. It should be marked and dig just the site, gravel or sand is placed and the pieces are put previously prepared. Find them in a variety of colors and shapes, they can be painted and treated, but not texturized.