Remove Wall Decals with Acetone or Alcohol

Nov 9th

Wall decals will be very good and beautiful, coming into very nice room design no exceptionally for both traditional and modern room design for its realistic look. The decals have adhesive on the back that sticks to surfaces. Unfortunately, this adhesive makes the decals are difficult to remove. However, several household products will dissolve the adhesive, making them easier to remove from the wall.

Wall Decals Tree
Wall Decals Tree


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Acetone, which is located in the nail polish removers, dissolves the glue that holds the wall decals in place. However, acetone can also damage the surfaces and finishes, so you must use the liquid sparingly. Dip the tip of a lint-free cloth in acetone. You can also use a cotton ball instead of a cloth. You’ll have to rub the label until they saturate thoroughly and wait five minutes. Clean immediately softened adhesive wall with a paper towel.


Alcohol, a common antiseptic, is a versatile liquid that removes the decals of different surfaces, such as walls. Apply several drops of alcohol on a rag and start scrubbing the label gently in a circular motion. You’ll have to keep rubbing until the label is saturated with alcohol. To allow alcohol stay long enough to penetrate the label and reaches the glue, wait several minutes before gently scraping the wall decals. Instead of the nail, use the blunt side of a butter knife to scrape the label.