Repair a Garden Armchair

Feb 1st

Garden armchair – A garden chair can offer a welcome break to the weary gardener and provide a place to enjoy the beauty of the garden. A garden armchair in the right place helps visitors enjoy an interesting part of the garden as they would otherwise overlook. Because the garden armchair are exposed to wind and weather, they can be damaged over time, turned the welcome place for visitors in an avoided a. When wood garden chairs begin to peel or become scratched or stabbed, there is no reason to replace them, just repair them. Repairs to peeling, scratched or stabbed garden armchair are easy

Stylish Garden Armchair
Stylish Garden Armchair

How to repair a garden armchair, clean the damaged area and brush away loose paint or tile with a stiff brush. Apply waterproof wood glue for any peeling wood. Clamp and let dry overnight. Fill damaged areas with wood filler, using a putty knife. Fill completely while there is only enough wood filler level area to the rest of the tree. Let dry. Sand the damaged area with 220 grit sandpaper until it is flush with the existing area. Brush away dust with a cloth. Prime and paint, if desired.

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Use latex or oil-based primer and a latex paint are recommended for outdoor use if you decide to paint outdoor furniture. Some severely damaged outdoor furniture needs to be replaced. Watch out for splinters when working on old wooden garden armchair.