Sandstone Uses in Your Construction

Dec 22nd

Sandstone uses – Sandstone is a sedimentary rock formed variable color for many years under the surface of oceans, lakes and rivers. The qualities of sandstone change with the types of minerals that accumulate to form the rock. Quartz is the material most commonly found in this stone and that gives it its gloss and satin tone. The environment where the components are deposited sandstone determines its nature. Resistant to corrosion, wear and erosion, sandstone can be cut and polished to create ornamental elements. Sandstone uses in construction and architectural and decorative element, sandstone has a multitude of uses. The sandstones are mainly used to pave floors thanks to its hardness and the high availability of models and colors ranging from coffee through the cream pinkish or reddish tone. And thanks to their insulating properties and durability, this natural stone is excellent for creating walls or cladding.

Sandstone uses picture
Sandstone uses picture

Sandstone uses ideal for outdoor and wet locations, colorful streaks of sandstone offer a multitude of decorative possibilities. Sandstone Teka, thanks to its brown veining, provides an appearance of wood ideal for modern environments. Also available in light colors, which are due to its composition cigar quartz, sandstone stands out for their excellent quality and fire resistance, which makes it a suitable material for the construction of fireplaces. The sandstone was the material used in such a significant building as the White House United States, completed in 1800. The official residence of the US president, designed by architect James Hoban Irish owes its characteristic white color to a sandstone tones pale that has maintained its splendor for more than 200 years.

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Sandstone was also the chosen stone to build the temple Angkor Wat, in Cambodia, one of the world’s largest religious buildings. Built in the twelfth century, the temple has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The sandstones are available in finishes as a natural sawed, flamed, polished, honed, and bush hammered, sawed, sanded or aged. Its texture depends on the finish of the profiles, which can be cut machine, serrated. Although the sandstone is a very strong and durable material, you can prolong your life with little care. It is recommended to clean effectively and safely with water simply and without any abrasive product. That is why sandstone natural stone offers the best results as a building material, while maintaining an original and unique beauty.