Sawhorse Desk an Economical Solution

Nov 30th

Sawhorse desk is probably simple but can be great in design and function by choosing to have it well placed. Different functions are usable based on needs. Sawhorse desk consist of a wooden board or a piece of any rigid material, for example metal or glass, arranged on two stands and which act as means of table legs. This provisional, very old solution has been present in many homes for generations. They rode for celebrations, weddings, communions and baptisms. Were mounted even when the humble houses there was not much space and dining table is placed and removed at each meal.

Sawhorse desk glass
Sawhorse desk glass

And with a little investment we can decorate the desktop with an adhesive paper printed in bright colors and designs. Then we will also have a nice desk. IKEA has among its products with these adjustable easels in height and enable us to create a desktop that can adapt to different tasks with uploading and down the board.

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If we want to give more style and elegance we can put a glass on the sawhorses and our economic and simple sawhorse desk becomes sophisticated and beautiful furniture. But not the whole thing, a sawhorse desk can also be a great. Trestles of Madder painted in pink, a great piece of Perspex and we have a fantastic dining table that combines perfectly with these chairs as current school style.