The Characteristics of Seagrass Rugs

Nov 24th

How about having very good Seagrass rugs for your own living room or other important room in your home which naturally add beautiful view into that area. You can make a good choice with installing Seagrass rugs in your room to get  a naturally elegant decor with minimal distraction and to get new look as well. Seagrass rugs create a warm welcoming and bring many advantages to any home. Seagrass rugs will create a comfortable atmosphere for family and also your guests, visiting relatives will feel welcome to stay while enjoying the comfort of your home decor.

Photo of Seagrass Rug Gallery
Photo of Seagrass Rug Gallery


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Seagrass rugs are made ​​of natural fibers filled reeds growing along the coasts of China and India and have a texture smooth and hard. Seagrass rugs are naturally shiny appearance.


Seagrass rugs come in natural colors like beige and brown with a slight greenish tint. You cannot stain as easily but incorporate many design issues with decorative borders and a variety of fabric patterns.


Seagrass rugs are a good choice for high traffic areas. Seagrass carpets resist staining, mats and do not absorb dirt. Consider use in children’s rooms because they reduce noise pollution and contain products harmful chemicals.


Seagrass rugs require minimal maintenance other than a weekly stirring. Avoid exposure to moisture as they are prone to mildew.


Seagrass carpets cost a fraction of the price of many natural fiber rugs, making them an alternative to the expensive Japanese tatami popular design.