The Difference Between a Closet and a Chifferobe

Jan 30th

Those who live in apartments or small houses of old city area know that it is difficult to manage storage space. Many homes have few cabinets or some are inadequate, and the owners must rely on other methods to store things they do not want to be seen. The closet and storage chifferobe are high wooden shelves independents who have to save. Can be moved if necessary, unlike a traditional cupboard. The most significant difference lies in its configuration. A wardrobe, aka closet, usually has two doors that open a large warehouse, with several shelves halfway closet. The cabinets often have a pair of long drawers below the top cabinet.

Chifferobe Image
Chifferobe Image

The term chifferobe was coined in the United States in the early twentieth century, when Sears Roebuck catalog debuted on the chiffonier, a French chest of drawers, and a cloak, or a large cabinet used to store and hang clothes. Sears said the piece as a new invention; It was the first piece of furniture designed for storing clothes hanging as both bent. Residents of the southern United States seem to use the term more commonly, even today. Several shops chifferobes manufactured and sold today, ancient and floor models.

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