The Internal Structure of a Fireplace Mantel

Dec 8th

The fireplace mantel, the fireplace and logs of wood grilles are components of a fire that almost everyone can identify. Familiarize yourself with the structure from the inside out, giving you a better understanding of the components and mechanical parts that keep your fireplace working properly.

Outdoor Fireplace Mantel
Outdoor Fireplace Mantel

As the foundation of a house is important, it is also the basis of a fireplace mantel. A fireplace installed properly will have a base shoe as it is called in some areas-which are independent of the house.

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The area directly below the fire is called the “home interior” and serves as the floor of the combustion chamber which extends from within the firebox into the room. Hearth area is inside the room known as the “outside hearth”. The floor of the indoor fireplace mantel is where the ashes are then deposited from burning logs and should be routinely sweep to remove them once they are no longer the hot ashes and embers were extinguished.

Abutment walls forming the perimeter of the fireplace and enclose the combustion chamber, from the bottom and up to the bottom of the chimney at the point where its structure begins. Chimneys and drives “zero space” (prefab fireplaces installed directly into walls butt) are installed to fit right into the walls to stop.