To Carry a Tray Table of Food

Nov 24th

Slide the tray table of food to the edge of the table or counter and on your body as possible without touching the tray. Keep your back straight and slightly bend your knees while firmly tap the sides or the handles of the tray. Straighten your knees as you lift the tray table or counter and turns slowly facing your destination.

Tray Table Moroccan
Tray Table Moroccan

Raise the tray table to the height of the shoulder sliding the only handle that is below the center and holding the edge with the other hand to so guide. Open your fingers carrying the weight as you lift the tray to better control the balance. You must practice this movement of lifting empty or lightly loaded trays before taking the full.

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Look around 6-10 feet (1.80 to 3 m) forward while firmly hold the tray table with both hands and walk to trot medium at a rate between slow and medium. See how food and drinks ranging over the tray will make you fall more and more obstacles you come across. Rotate your body along with the tray to avoid splashing when you stop on your route to your final destination.