Using the Lifting Bed Risers the Head of a Bed

Oct 16th

You can use a Bed risers to pull up the bed into the higher area therefore you can have more comfortable bedding in your own lovely bedroom fror better sleeping. Bed elevators create more space below it by lifting the structure or ground leg. People with certain health problems also benefit from having the top or head of the leg higher than the bed. Bed risers so you can relieve heartburn, conditions for sleeping and acid reflux. A couple of people can raise the head of the bed with the installation of elevators standard bed 3-4 inches. Instructions using the lifting bed risers.

Picture Of Bed Risers
Picture Of Bed Risers
  1. Remove the bedding, mattress and spring from the bed frame.
  2. Lift one end of the headboard. Account with another person lifts the other end.
  3. Set one of the elevators bed under the support leg at the head of the bed. Aligns the bottom of the support leg in the center of lift. Pushes second bed risers at the top of the first bed lift even higher. By using a steel pole as lift bed, the wheel or slide removes and inserts the rise in the leg end of the bed frame. Wheel or slides inserted in the bottom of the steel riser.
  4. Repeat step 3 for the other side of the headboard.

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